Different Types of Home Decor Picks for Different Moms: A Mother's Day Special

Different Types of Home Decor Picks for Different Moms: A Mother's Day Special

“Moms Deserve More Than Just Flowers This Mother's Day”

Every year, Mother's Day rolls around, and we scramble to find the perfect way to show our appreciation for the amazing women who raised us. Flowers are lovely, cards are sweet, but this year, why not ditch the ordinary and surprise your Mom with something truly special?

We're talking about handmade home decor products! It's a gift that goes beyond the store-bought and speaks volumes about the time and thoughtfulness you poured into it. Plus, with a little creativity, you can tailor your pick to perfectly match Mom's unique style, creating a piece that will hold a special place in her heart (and maybe even her living room) for years to come.

Whether your Mom's a classic beauty who loves timeless elegance, a modern maven with a sleek aesthetic, or a free spirit who embraces a bohemian vibe, there's a handmade home decor pick waiting to be discovered! 

With that in mind, whether you are searching for the perfect souvenir to express gratitude to your mom or a mom yourself looking to gift yourself something elegant and timeless, here are some of the creative possibilities you can choose from to make this day special. 

For Moms Who Love Everything Boho 

If you feel like there are a zillion options to choose from, you should always start by thinking about what your mom would like. And if you have a boho mom or you are a mom who is into the classic bohemian aesthetic, this one might just be a great pick. Showcasing a timeless fusion of artisanal craftsmanship and sleek detailing, our range of elegant Handmade pillow covers are a great pick to add something bright to your spaces while still feeling warm in their presence. 

And, if you love going overboard, you can always shop a bunch of different pillow cover designs from our website and gift your boho mom something that matches her liking and adds intricate detailing to your living spaces. These pillow covers are made from super-durable cotton and linen and are a great addition to bohemian chic spaces or a quiet and cozy countryside mansion. 

For Moms Who Admire Traditions

If your mom is into all those Pinterest-inspired decors and loves something cozy but still aesthetic, couch throws and quilts are a great pick to make your mom's day special. Our entire collection of throws is inspired by the rich tapestry art of India's rich heritage and highlights the handmade work of every artist residing in the heart of India. 

Offering attention to intricate details and embracing centuries-old traditions, each throw or quilt tells its own story. From the heritage-rich streets of Jaipur to the serene getaways of Kerala and the royal cultures of Agra, they are inspired by rich and diverse Indian culture and add a warm yet loud presence to your minimalistic couches. 

The throws and quilts are made from high-quality materials and are sourced directly from India. Buying these throws would not only allow you to add something warm to the living spaces, but it would also help you support local communities. 

For Moms Who Love Something Fancy

For all those out there who fancy something extra, our collection of rugs is perhaps the best pick as a Mother's Day gift. Adding the perfect element of warmth and intricate patterns, our rugs are made to highlight your living spaces with a perfect blend of abstract art and high-quality fabric. From artistic vintage designs to something minimalist like Ivory Cassia Classic Checkered Area Rug for something extravagant, our rug collection is inspired by timeless patterns, intricate details, and cozy accents. 

Offering luxurious comfort and a plush experience, these rugs range from something pleasant to the eyes to traditional patterns and minimalist contemporary designs. Depending on your mom's taste, these rugs can be a great way to help her make her sanctuary a space inspired by everlasting taste and uncompromised comfort. 

For Self-Care-Loving Moms 

If you are one of those moms who love going all-zen and is vocal about caring for your mind, body, and soul, what's a better pick than scented candles? Made to calm your senses and crafted with an inviting aroma. Maple Village Lane has a wide range of scented candles from Lemon Biscotti Glass Candle to Vanilla Jasmine Cloche Candle. Scented Candles are not only minimalist in appeal but also soothing and aromatic. 

These scented candles, available in a variety of fragrances, are perfect to complement your mom's meditation sessions or early morning yoga classes. They are made to add a relaxing appeal to any gathering. So, while they might be something simple, it’s a perfect token for surrounding yourself with mind-relaxing fragrances and adding a new touch to your already lit spaces.

For Moms Who Love It Minimalist

If your mom's taste is more about all-white living spaces with cream or beige accents, she would likely love our minimalist home decor collection. Featuring raw patterns through bud vases, ceramic jugs, and all-white accents through showpieces like marble links and cuboid objects, This collection adds some Scandinavian accents to your living spaces without being super heavy on the budget. 

These vases and showpieces like Blue Floral Ceramic Vase increase the overall sophistication of your spaces and add delicate accents through sleek patterns and attention-grabbing details. They are here to complement the taste of all minimalist moms. 

For Moms Who Love To Cook 

If you are a mom, and your love language is cooking something relishing, buying elegant kitchen and bathroom decor products can be an extravagant way to make yourself feel special and enjoy what you love doing. From sleek pepper and salt grinders to beautiful terracotta bowls and a sleek and slender glass cloche with a wooden base, this collection is for all the moms who love to go on their little cooking expeditions. 

For Moms Who Love It Bright 

Whether it is those minimalist, all-white themes you aim for or planning to give your spaces a more boho look, every space deserves a dash of color. And there's nothing better than beautiful flowers in a vase to add that missing character to your space. 

Moving on, if you are looking for the ultimate home decor gift for your mom but also trying to keep it simple, our collection of modern and sleek plants and flowers is your best bet. From lush lavender hues to playful magnolia stems and ever-green neutral bunches, this collection is all about everything bright and yet keeping it all simple. 

For Working Moms 

If your mom is trying to stay ahead of the hustle culture and is one of those super-hard-working moms, here's the perfect office decor for her. Designed with functionality in mind, our collection of tablet sleeves is built to protect your devices from impact or scratches. But we offer more than just functionality. 

Besides a compact and smart design, these tablet sleeves feature extraordinary patterns and lush prints to make your mom's day a little bit brighter. 


Handmade home decor isn't just about aesthetics; it's about pouring your love and creativity into a gift that Mom will cherish. It's a reminder that you took the time to think about her and create something special, just for her with Maple Village Lane

Remember, the beauty lies in the personalization. Add a heartfelt message on your painted pot, use a photo of you and Mom on the decoupage tray, or choose Mom's favorite colors for your felted flowers. These extra touches will transform your creation into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that speaks volumes.

So, ditch the ordinary this Mother's Day. With a little inspiration and a whole lot of love, you can create a handmade home decor gift that will fill Mom's heart with joy and her home with beauty. Happy crafting, and Happy Mother's Day!

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