About Us

At Maple Village Lane, we understand that your home serves as your sanctuary, and nurturing it is akin to nurturing yourself. This belief fuels our commitment to providing a thoughtfully crafted and responsibly manufactured range of products that stand the test of time, transcending fleeting trends.

Our handmade pillow covers are meticulously hand-stitched for you using fabric we produce ourselves and import, right here in the US, showcasing curated interior design. With our own manufacturing facilities and exclusive partnerships, we bring centuries-old world culture and heritage to your living space.

Our vintage collection rug selection adds a touch of timeless elegance to any room, while our block print throws and handmade block print throws offer unique and artistic designs that stand out. Additionally, our vintage kantha quilts embody the rich tradition of hand-stitching and sustainable practices, making them both beautiful and eco-friendly.

Faux Lavender Lilac Stem

Our Faux Flower and vase decor from Maple Village Lane adds the perfect finishing touch to your home, bringing nature indoors in a stylish and sophisticated manner. Whether you opt for one of our design patterns or wish to unleash your creativity, we have the capability to turn your ideas into reality without breaking the bank. Whether it's throws, quilts, linens, fabrics, or pillow covers, we've got you covered!

We uphold our core values in all aspects of our operations: Ethical Sourcing, Responsible Manufacturing, and Sustainable Business Practices. By choosing Maple Village Lane, you're not just supporting our small business; you're also empowering numerous others within our global supply network.